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Omsa S.r.l.

A long history characterised by commitment and perseverance has brought us from the distant 1956 to today, 2017, to become a company recognised globally in its own field.

Our story started in 1956 with the foundation of Fontana & Micheletti snc, a small workshop specialising in mechanical machining for third parties, founded by Enzo Fontana and Aldo Micheletti.

Since then, the stubbornness and expertise of our two founding partners have been responsible for the growth of the small mechanical workshop in the field of the mechanical machining of forged pipe fittings (parts in steel for joining pipes and the production of plants for sectors such as the petrol-chemical, anti-fire and hydraulic sectors) also becoming the precursor of new technologies such as the project design and production of the first transfer machine and the first cold taper press.

These technologies are used on a large scale in the mechanical machining sector (transfers) and in the specific sector of pipe fittings (cold taper).

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As a result of all of this, in 2016 in Europe, Africa and Asia, OMSA SRL became, in the pipe fitting production field, synonymous with quality both in terms of the product, with its vast range of entirely European products, and service, moulded entirely on the needs of its various clients/markets.

 This is OMSA S.R.L., an area of 14,000 square meters, 6,000 of which are covered, housing the production department, with transfer and CNC machines; the warehouse, for end products, forged products, raw materials, pipes and bars and commercial and administrative offices.

A company that has always believed in its roots as a small, family-run business but which has been capable of optimising the advantages of large companies, without changing its own medium-size dimensions which allow us to be closer to the needs of our clients. We have always believed in our own capacities, in our know-how, in our means, our suppliers and our clients. We are still growing today to achieve our objectives and to keep constant the quality that makes us stand out.

This commitment is the reason why more and more clients believe in us every day.